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You've had enough of adventurers barging in to your house and ransacking all of your precious Blupees. Build a maze out of various pieces of furniture and slow down the heroes to the best of your ability.

The game is a tower defense where the aim is to make sure the encroaching heroes get bored and leave your house before they can get to your Blupees. It's endless - keep going until you run out of Blupees or can't afford enough containers. Try to arrange your house such that the pots and chests are far apart and blocked by furniture. The game will not allow you to entirely block access to pots and chests.


WASD to move around.
SPACE to interact with heroes and place/use/sell furniture.

The following context-specific controls may be found in-game:

TAB in Build Mode to toggle between buying, hiding, and selling
Q/E in Build Mode with the Buy Action to browse the catalog
SPACE in Build Mode with the Buy Action to purchase and place the selected furnishing
SPACE in Build Mode with the Sell Action next to a furnishing to sell it
SPACE in Build Mode with the Hide Action next to a pot or chest to allocate Blupees
ENTER in Build Mode to start the day
SPACE during the day with enough energy next to a hero to distract them

Source code: https://github.com/mdechatech/Rupdef

Sound, Art, and Engineering by Matthewit Dechatech

Created in 48 hours for Chillennium 2017

Install instructions

1. Unzip the file somewhere

2. Run the executable file


LifeSavingsDefense.zip 16 MB
LifeSavingsDefense Soundtrack.zip 3 MB

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